Good to the Last Crumb: Oliver’s Bakery & Deli

A friend emailed the other day, looking for a last-minute lunch spot in Oliver, in B.C.’s southern Okanagan Valley. I suggested Oliver’s Bakery & Deli (“Our baker rises before the rooster”), run for a decade by Wayne and Dianna Jones.

I’d had their dense, marvellously moist birdseed bread in a sandwich at JoJo’s Café in nearby Osoyoos. But I’d never visited the bakery itself, which includes a deli and a breakfast and lunch grill.

Perfect, I thought. My friends can do some field research for me and send a report, hopefully along with an enticing photo or two.

I was wondering what they’d order. Perhaps a BLT or a scratch-made burger on a fresh jalapeno cheese bun, followed by a dinner-plate-sized apple fritter.

It didn’t take long for the review to arrive. Excellent minestrone soup, Denver on birdseed and tuna on multi-grain, along with friendly service during a busy lunch hour.

So, I was practically salivating by the time I clicked on the attached photo. Which was this:

The soup and sandwich was fabulous. Trust me!

The soup and sandwich was fabulous. Trust me!

I don’t know if they were playing a cruel joke or were so eager to tuck in that they forgot to take any pictures till they had inhaled everything. But I guess there’s no better testimonial than a plate and bowl licked almost clean.

My friends liked it so much, they’re planning on making Oliver’s a regular stop on their drives between Osoyoos and Penticton. Maybe next time I can convince them to click before they devour.

Oliver’s Bakery & Deli
6030 Main Street, Oliver, B.C.
Tuesday to Saturday 7:30 am-4 pm. Closed Sunday and Monday


1 thought on “Good to the Last Crumb: Oliver’s Bakery & Deli

  1. Molly Shannon

    I worked at this bakery for years, Wayne and Diana were (As i say) my second parents. Their amazing people who make amazing food! So glad others are putting out there how great their meals are! Their a hard working group. So happy they enjoyed it so much! 🙂



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