Where’s the Beef? In Babb, Montana


Cattle Baron Supper Club

Yes, the steaks at Cattle Baron Supper Club, in Babb, Montana, start at a road-trip unfriendly price of about $33. But when you consider the inch-and-a-half T-bone weighs in at an artery-choking 40 ounces, it’s time to reconsider the math, or at least remove one cow from the equation.

In fact, if you’re not a glutton, you could feed a carnivorous family with a single steak or have enough leftovers for a long cattle drive. The setting is everything you’d expect in small-town ranchland Montana—a character place that’s sufficiently dimly lit that all you can focus on in is stuffing another mouthful of tender, local beef down your throat, along with maybe a beer or two to help in the digestion.

Babb Bar Cattle Baron Supper Club
Highway 89, Babb, Montana
Daily 5 pm-10 pm. Closed during winter


6 thoughts on “Where’s the Beef? In Babb, Montana

  1. Ron Drysdale

    Back in the early 1970’s my wife and I (from Manitoba) used to do a fair amount of backpacking in Glacier National Park, and the Babb Bar was (proudly, I think) the scummiest-looking rez-spec shithole imaginable. The short stacatto-ish expression “BABB-BAR” became something of our personal meme.

    The place’s most noteworthy feature was the huge pile a beer cans out front. So sad to hear that it’s been gentrified … 😦



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