Good, cheap Malaysian food at Vancouver’s Hawkers Delight

Vancouver summer 2017 54

The pictures certainly help navigate the Malaysian menu at Vancouver’s Hawkers Delight

I don’t recall ever eating Malaysian food and certainly not Indonesian fare. So when I come across a lauded Vancouver spot, Hawker’s Delight, offering both cuisines, and at unusually low west-coast prices, I jump at the opportunity.

Hawker’s certainly exudes a street-food vibe, occupying a tiny space with a dozen small tables and a handful of window and wall stools. It’s a no-nonsense place, where you order at a little window while watching three cooks, in behind, churning out the dishes.

As usual, I’m first in line for the lunch hour… without a clue what to order. Mee rebus, fried kuey teow, bak kut teh? I’m clearly out of my element here. Mee goreng ($7.25) rings a faint bell from an online review, so I go for the spicy version of that.

Vancouver summer 2017 55

A heaping plate of mee goreng

Good choice. It’s a heaping plastic plate of thin, fried wheat noodles mixed with egg, bean sprouts, bits of tofu and diced potato. The sauce is what makes the dish work—flavourful with some kick, but no tears.

The one disadvantage to being first in line is not seeing what other people have ordered. Which here is an appetizer of deep-fried vegetable fritters, for the ridiculous price of two for $1.20. Might be the best bargain in Vancouver.

Vancouver summer 2017 53

A busy little kitchen. The vegetable fritters are a ridiculous bargain

Hawker’s Delight
4127 Main Street, Vancouver
Monday to Saturday noon to 9 pm. Closed Sunday
Cash only


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