I’m in the Market for a Good Beer

cspace market 2

Now this is what I call a compelling stall at a farmers’ market: one selling beer

The typical farmers’ market combines a reliable twosome: fresh produce and crafts. So when I see a Calgary market selling a different kind of craft—beer—I couldn’t be happier.

Farmers and Makers Market at cSPACE is a shiny new Saturday market in South Calgary, on the grounds of the restored, sandstone King Edward School, which has been converted to a bunch of arts spaces.

cspace market 1

cSPACE: A combination of market, historic building and arts incubator

The cSPACE market takes advantage of a year-old provincial government policy that allows Alberta craft beers and spirits to be sold at farmers’ markets (cottage wines were previously allowed, accounting for Strathmore’s Field Stone Fruit Wines’ stall at the market).

No, you can’t sit down with a pint at the market (though that would be a great next step). But you can sample and purchase brews from a local brewery.

At cSPACE, it’s Inglewood’s Dandy Brewing Company, usually offering two or three of their beers for sample and sale. I go for some tall cans of a vibrant seasonal IPA, named T2G after Dandy’s postal code.

cspace market 3

Field Stone Fruit Wines is also selling its wares at the cSPACE market

When I’m wandering around a farmers’ market, I like to figure out which stalls are the most popular and why. At cSPACE, Dandy is obviously a contender. I mean what would you rather buy on a hot summer’s day: a four-pack of chilled beer or a knitted scarf?


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