Calgary Under $10 Lunch: To Me Vietnamese Submarine

Blink and you’ll miss it To Me Vietnamese Submarine

As the old saying goes, just reaching To Me Vietnamese Submarine is almost half the fun.

Yes, the hefty Vietnamese sub is probably the best I’ve eaten in Calgary. And the $6 price is one of the best lunch deals in the city.

But you do earn your pleasure just getting to the drive-through kiosk window. To Me is almost literally on busy Macleod Trail southwest.

It can really only be reached by traveling northbound. And if you blink, you’ll be past it before you see the little exit ramp that doubles as the lineup. It can be a bit intimidating if that line spills onto Macleod, which seems to happen more frequently as this wee gem gets discovered.

Second in line!

My strategy is to show up just when the place opens, at 11 am. Happily, I’m second in line and in a few minutes have moved to a small parking area to enjoy my made-to-order coconut curry sub.

In many respects, it’s a standard Vietnamese sub, with chunks of chicken, shredded carrot and coconut, cucumber and cilantro inside a crusty baguette. What puts it over the top is the coconut curry and the special sauce. Great flavour.

Get the coconut chicken sub

The only problem with this two-napkin meal is keeping all the saucy goodness off my pants and car seats.

Everything’s under $10

To Me Vietnamese Submarine
5250 Macleod Trail SW
Daily 11 am-10 pm


1 thought on “Calgary Under $10 Lunch: To Me Vietnamese Submarine

  1. Mary Dales

    Hi Bill
    Another must do!
    You are on a serious roll – nice to see you’re out if COVID hibernation and on the hunt fit delicious food!



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