Olds, Alberta Barbecue Joint Filled the Pit in my Stomach

Brisket burnt ends sandwich at The Pit in Olds, Alberta

When you’re in the heart of Alberta’s cattle country, you might expect beefy restaurant offerings beyond steaks and burgers.

Slow-roasted barbecued brisket, for example, would seem a natural. But beyond a few outliers, like Calgary’s award-winning Tool Shed Brewing, there isn’t an abundance of barbecued beef or, for that matter, pork or chicken.

So, it’s nice to find The Pit, serving in-house smoked meats in Olds, an hour’s drive north of Calgary. The Pit does the full slow-cooked roster: pulled pork, pulled chicken, Montreal-smoked meats and brisket sandwiches.

The Pit owner Kevin Stromsmoe

What caught my attention was a brisket burnt ends sandwich, stuffed inside a glossy bun with house slaw and BBQ sauce. To clarify, the ends aren’t literally burnt. They’re just the bits trimmed from the smoked brisket. While a tad chewier, they are certainly a more flavourful delicacy.

It was definitely a three-napkin job getting all this messy goodness past my cheeks and down the eagerly awaiting hatch.

Where the meats are smoked

The Pit
870-6700 46 Street, Olds, Alberta
Wednesday to Saturday 11:30 pm-7 pm, Sunday noon to 7 pm. Closed Monday and Tuesday


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