Pathway to Sanity

Pathway along the oh-so-urban Sarcee Trail

For decades, I drove along Sarcee Trail in southwest Calgary, oblivious to the people walking, running and cycling along the parallel pathway. And why would I notice, given a nearby gym and beckoning mountain trails to satisfy my exercise and alpine spiritual needs?

Then Covid struck, and my world shrunk, along with everyone else’s. Now, nearly two years into the pandemic, I’ve walked and run along that pathway and nearby streets a couple of hundred times.

I’m sure the powerline’s not affecting my brain

For one thing, that’s meant not having to jump in my car and drive every time I want to exercise or hit the trails. For another, it’s meant learning to appreciate the urban beauty of pathways and walkable neighbourhoods, despite overhead power lines and the steady hum of nearby traffic. So here’s a year of pathway photos, mostly on or near Sarcee Trail. Incidentally, all the shots are from my camera that also happens to make phone calls: the iPhone 12 Pro. Best $1,400 I’ve spent.

Summer poppies
Batallion Park
One of Calgary’s great, overlooked attractions: the skies
Neighbourhood blossoms
Fall leaves
Early winter along Glenmore Reservoir
Walking wear for winter deep freeze
Winter follows me indoors

Taking advantage of fresh snow
Nose Hill
Sarcee sign
Sarcee car wash
Shopping cart in the Elbow River
Wolfe and the Sparrows statue

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