Calgary Lunch Under $10: Pie Junkie

Pie Junkie serving up buttery goodness at its flagship Calgary location

There are a number of places in Calgary that make very nice pot pies, often for less than $10 for a single serving. So which to pick?

After sampling several versions, I settle on Pie Junkie and Bakery, in a charming little strip mall in the Spruce Cliff neighbourhood of the city’s southwest.

Their five-inch, individual pot pies aren’t the biggest or the cheapest. But they have something that sets them apart. Butter. Lots of butter in the delectable, flaky crust that envelops all their pies. Indeed, their instructions if oven heating at home are to bake at a slow and low 300 F. until a little pool of butter starts forming on the baking sheet.

A whole case of sweet and savoury pies

My second dilemma is deciding which pot pie to order from an extensive roster that includes Aussie beef, butter chicken, shepherd’s pie, goat cheese and tomato, and even brie and chutney.

I finally choose steak and sautéed mushrooms, a hearty $9 pie in a thick gravy seasoned with fresh herbs. Of course, it’s hard to resist not chasing this with a little hand pie loaded with Saskatoons, $7 when available. Sublime.

Steak and mushroom pie, heated until the butter melts

Pie Junkie and Bakery
Daily 10 am-7 pm
8 Spruce Centre SW, and three other Calgary locations


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