On the Road Again

Two-and-a-half years later, it was time to head out on another road trip to the southwestern US, featuring all those red states south of Alberta: Montana, Idaho, Utah and, mostly, Arizona. Twas a grand time for warm, early winter hiking.

Along the I-15 in northern Montana

Lovely walking paths above Butte, Montana

Moose near Melrose, Montana along the I-15

Irrigation ice-up near Dillon, Montana

Always have to stop for a burger at In-n-Out

Along the Zen Trail in St. George, Utah

Petrified sand dunes in Snow Canyon State Park, near St. George

River rules at casino in Laughlin, Arizona

Flatiron hike outside Apache Junction

Antelope slot canyon tour in Page, Arizona

View from the I-15 in Fillmore, Utah

Best Western Paradise in Fillmore

Wind turbine blades heading north to Canada

Best almond croissants in the world at the Homestead Bakeshop in Fort Macleod, Alberta. Welcome back to Canada!

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