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D’Lishest Breakfast… in Scottsdale, Arizona

Lively, friendly crew at D'Lish in Scottsdale, Arizona

Lively, friendly crew at D’Lish in Scottsdale, Arizona

I’m just getting out of my car at *D’Lish (“Healthy on the go”), when a cook, Tommy, sees me looking at the drive-through menu, and asks, “You ever eaten here before? It’s great, healthy food, a lot of it organic and local.” He says it can get crazy busy at lunch, especially on weekends, when the cars often wrap around the building and spill onto the street. Of course, I go inside, where there’s half a dozen tables and I can watch the friendliest, liveliest crew of guys in action.

While I’m eating an excellent breakfast AZ Burro—featuring smoked turkey, avocado, egg whites and a hash patty—Josh comes over with a complementary cup of Breakfast Buzz: an invigorating, delicious iced mix of protein powder, espresso, peanut butter, banana and chocolate. Why don’t more cafes concoct creative drinks like this?

AZ Burro with egg whites and smoked turkey

AZ Burro with egg whites and smoked turkey

Another innovative breakfast is an organic quinoa oatmeal with vanilla macaroon granola, fruit and steamed milk. Apparently, it’s popular with Arizona Cardinal football players, who double up with a burro or maybe a California Club on toasted artisan bread. It’s also a hit with a couple who own Liberty Market in Gilbert. “We’re pretty picky about where we eat when we have to pay.”

Quinoa oatmeal with fruit

Quinoa oatmeal with fruit

It’s without a doubt the best breakfast experience I’ve had on this road trip. In fact, I hardly need any caffeine to get jumpstarted here—just plug into the energy pulsating through the place.

2613 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale (also a Tempe location)
Weekdays 6 am-4 pm, weekends 7 am-4 pm