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Nanton Bolsters Its Food Scene

The Hive is a collective of local vendors in Nanton

One of the things I always liked about Trader Joe’s, on western U.S. road trips, was the ability to mix and match when buying a six-pack of beer. That way, I could try a variety of local beers in one purchase.

So I was delighted to find the same concept at work in The Hive, a hub of local vendors and artisans in Nanton, 40 minutes south of Calgary. Here, I can mix a tall four-pack of craft beers from breweries in nearby High River, Black Diamond, Lethbridge and Fort Macleod, the latter featuring the fine Stronghold Brewing.

A mix-and-match six-pack of southern Alberta craft brewers

That seems to be the geographical range for the 250-plus vendors selling their wares at this little spot at the south end of Nanton, on the west side of Highway 2. A quick glance at fresh and frozen foods and drinks reveals this diversity: Coco Brooks fabulous pizzas (Calgary), El Papolete tomatillo dips (High River) and Tin Star roasted coffee (Nanton).

High River’s El Papolete makes a fine tomatillo dip

The sit-down dining options have been in flux, but the kitchen will now be run by The Buzz-Nanton, featuring sandwiches and daily soups.

All in all, The Hive is a big step forward in Nanton’s food scene.

The Hive
2517 21 Avenue, Nanton, Alberta
Wednesday to Monday 10 am-6 pm. Closed Tuesday