Diving Into a Seattle Character Bar

It's shoulder-to-shoulder cozy in Seattle's Pacific Inn Pub

It’s shoulder-to-shoulder cozy in Seattle’s Pacific Inn Pub

The Pacific Inn Pub has been called a dive bar. I consider it merely comfortable, with a low stucco ceiling and comfy blue vinyl booths and counter stools. Rubbing shoulders with regulars at the counter offers me a good vantage point for keeping an eye on the ball games, while watching a friendly, efficient server pour pints and relay food orders to the cook at the end of the bar. It’s evidence that a small, well-run joint with a simple menu can be run by just two people.

I order a Mac and Jack’s amber ale and a two-piece order of fish and chips, the thin slices of cod lightly breaded and crispy, the mountain of fries hot and crunchy. If this is a dive bar, I’m ready to dive in.

The cod fish and chips are thin, crispy and tasty

The cod fish and chips are thin, crispy and tasty

Pacific Inn Pub
3501 Stone Way North, Seattle
Daily 11 am-2 am
Pacific Inn Pub on Urbanspoon


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