Happy Huckleberry in Santa Monica

Huckleberry is a fun, happening place in Santa Monica, California

Huckleberry is a fun, happening place in Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica’s Huckleberry can get kinda loud. Not pounding music loud. More happy customers chatting with friends and enjoying a late breakfast or lunch loud.

Oh, it can get pretty busy, too, with people lining up at the counter to order a brisket hash or a lentil ragu with poached eggs for breakfast or a butternut squash salad for lunch. I opt for a recommended warm turkey meatball sandwich ($12), hold the extra burrata cheese. Great choice. The meatballs melt in my mouth, the tomato sauce slops my chops, the soft bread making everything pillowy smooth.

Warm turkey meatball sandwich certainly hits the spot

Warm turkey meatball sandwich certainly hits the spot

It’s not cheap. But like it’s sister Santa Monica restaurant Milo & Olive, the first-class food is mostly made from scratch and imaginatively put together. If you’ve got room, the baked treats will weaken your resolve, I assure you.

1014 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, California
Weekdays 8 am-8 pm (lunch starting at 11 am), weekends 8 am-5 pm
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3 thoughts on “Happy Huckleberry in Santa Monica

  1. Patricio O'Bagle

    You certainly get around Bill. Jane and I visited Patagonia AZ in March. During your travels, if you’re nearby, swing by this small town. Gathering Grounds is a coffee-breakfast-lunch joint – the buzz-busy restaurant in town. The Velvet Elvis is pretty good too (lunches, dinners).
    A long-time friend (Phyllis) lives/works nearby in Tubac AZ; she used to live in the Slocan Valley BC. Phyllis deems Patagonia to be the New Denver of AZ. Indeed, Patagonia seems to share some socio-cultural aspects of New Denver.


  2. Lovedeeep Virk

    Hi Bill
    Wow you do get around I will be in California at the end of May and will definitely be here for Breakfast at least keep the posts coming young sir



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