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Scenes From a Vancouver Island Road Trip

A few pictures from a Vancouver Island road trip in which we did the North Coast Trail and West Coast Trail as back-to-back, seven-day backpacks. In the process, we covered the island from its northern tip to its southern shores.


Fabulous, hole-in-the-wall bakery near Tin Town in Courteney


Sumptuous home-made ice cream and waffle cone at Love’s in Cumberland B.C. (more about the town’s burgeoning food scene in an upcoming post)


At a pub in Port Hardy, our launching point for the North Coast Trail

North Coast Trail 33

Wonderful sand beach at Irony Creek on the North Coast Trail


Wolves on the same beach, chasing a deer

North Coast Trail 17

We did manage to survive


After a week-long backpack, this disappeared in a few minutes at Bin 4 Burger Lounge in Langford

North Coast Trail 118

Bumper service at Gardenside Acres “Tent and Breakfast” Campground, near Brentwood Bay

North Coast Trail 164

One of the many infamous ladders on the West Coast Trail

North Coast Trail 187

Sea anemones in tidal pool

North Coast Trail 272

Enough of this hiking!


We’re stoked for post-backpack pizza near Sooke, but they’re closed Wednesdays. Aaargh!


Early June snowstorm at Rogers Pass on the way home


Sponge Bill’s Road Trip

Overlooking Strait of Georgia on Mayne Island

Overlooking Strait of Georgia on Mayne Island

Normally on a road trip, I overnight in Walmart parking lots, quiet campgrounds, government forest lands or fleabag motels. Anywhere, really, where I can lay my head, and it’s free or sufficiently cheap that I can focus my resources on what matters most, namely good food and drink.

So it’s nice, for a change, to take a summer’s journey where aesthetics are paramount, as are lingering, poignant conversations and much laughter. In other words, landing on the doorsteps of friends and relatives and not paying a cent for accommodation on a two-week holiday from Calgary to Vancouver Island and all the way back again. Let’s call it for what it was: Sponge Bill’s road trip.

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