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You Can’t Have Too Many Farmers’ Markets in Calgary

Folks are flocking to the new Calgary Farmers’ Market location

If you ever thought Calgary was oversaturated with farmers’ markets, think again.

When the Calgary Farmers’ Market opened its long-awaited second location last week, in the city’s west end near Canada Olympic Park, there were 35,000 shoppers and gawkers who passed through its doors, a vendor told me… in one day!

Its high-ceilinged, 55,000-square-foot indoor building, and its some 75 vendors, seem capable of handling such mobs. I’m not so sure about the traffic.

A majestically long, high-ceilinged building

When I visited on a glorious Friday morning, a week later, it was a game of musical cars, with multiple motorists waiting for someone to leave so they could park. The traffic spilled over from the paved lots to a gravel yard to the north.

It’s not like everyone was rushing to save money. I saw lots of meals, from the various food vendors costing $15-plus dollars. The produce and other foodstuffs are nice but not exactly cheap, for anyone expecting a rural, bare-bones experience.

Fresh fruit is always a draw

But this is Calgary, where folks are accustomed to, and maybe even expect, upscale farmers’ markets. Indeed, it’s a pleasant place to shop, wander and meet with friends.

And the aisles are sufficiently wide to avoid the indoor traffic jams—known as stroller Fridays— that plagued previous incarnations of this market.

Luc’s cheeses are a mainstay at both Farmers’ Market

Phil &Sebastian is returning to Calgary Farmers’ Market after a long absence
You should order one of Renay’s fabulous, gluten-free birthday cakes

Calgary Farmers’ Market West
25 Greenbriar Drive NW, Calgary
Wednesday to Saturday 9 am-7 pm, Sunday 9 am-5 pm


Cheap Calgary Breakfasts: Part 2

Danny Korduner delivers two fruit-covered bowls of made-to-order oatmeal at Margarita's Dishes in the Calgary Farmers' Market

Danny Korduner delivers two fruit-covered bowls of made-to-order oatmeal at Margarita’s Dishes in the Calgary Farmers’ Market

Light Breakfast Eats

Breakfast sandwiches conjure up images of an egg (maybe precooked) and a slice of cheese slapped on an English muffin—the kind of snack that goes down in a couple of gulps. Not so at Bite Groceteria & Café, in Calgary’s trendy Inglewood neighbourhood. Here, the breakfast sandwich ($4.95) is a made-to-order monster, featuring fluffy eggs, avocado, Oka cheese, thick chunks of bacon, lettuce and tomato, all stuffed between two nicely toasted pieces of whole-grain bread. It’s one of the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve eaten, almost a morning BLT with scrambled egg thrown into the mix.

Maybe the best breakfast sandwich I've eaten, at Bite Groceteria

One of the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve eaten, at Bite Groceteria & Cafe

Bite Groceteria & Cafe
1023 9 Avenue S.E., Calgary
Monday and Saturday 10 am-6 pm, Tuesday to Friday 9 am-6 pm
Bite Groceteria on Urbanspoon

I’ve scarcely sat down at Holy Grill when my little buzzer goes off, signaling my breakfast sandwich is ready. “Your Americano is coming right up,” the counter guy says. “Too late,” I reply. “It’s already been delivered.” The speed is a product of six people scurrying around the tiny, open kitchen, cooking Benedicts, paninis and even a breakfast burger on an English muffin.

My bacon avocado crisp ($7) is almost too pretty to eat. But my stomach wins out, and I dig into a creation that includes a crispy fried egg, spinach and an unlikely ingredient, eggplant, all tucked inside a toasted Kaiser bun. It disappears in just over the time it takes to cook it.

A gorgeous bacon, egg and avocado breakfast sandwich at Holy Grill

A gorgeous bacon, egg and avocado breakfast sandwich at Holy Grill

Holy Grill
827 10 Avenue S.W., Calgary
Weekdays 7:30 am-4 pm, Saturday 10 am-4 pm. Closed Sunday
Holy Grill on Urbanspoon

At Margarita’s Dishes, in the Calgary Farmers’ Market, Danny Korduner and his mother, Margarita, are amongst the friendliest people you’ll meet. You can certainly load a plate with their Eastern European dishes like hand-rolled blintzes and savoury sausages. But why not get a bowl of creamy, hot oatmeal, made to order and smothered in fresh fruit?

It's hard to see the creamy oatmeal under all that fruit

It’s hard to see the creamy oatmeal under all that fruit

Margarita’s Dishes (in the Calgary Farmers’ Market)
510 77 Avenue SE, Calgary
Thursday-Sunday 9 am-5 pm, closed Monday to Wednesday
Margarita's Dishes on Urbanspoon

Caffé Mauro serves hefty, delicious meatball and Italian deli meat sandwiches at lunchtime. It also makes smaller, creative breakfast items like a boiled egg sandwich ($5.50) or a prosciutto provolone melt. But I go for an egg perfectly poached in a tomato sauce, topped with cheddar and served on a half baguette. It’s a light $6.25 meal, but like everything owner Sal Malvaso does, it’s well executed.

A lovely egg poached in tomato sauce at Caffe Mauro

A lovely egg poached in tomato sauce at Caffe Mauro

Caffé Mauro
999 8 Street S.W., Calgary
Weekdays 7:30 am-4 pm. Closed weekends
Caffe Mauro on Urbanspoon