A Bread Trail Leads to Fabulous Crumb Brothers in Logan, Utah

Fresh-from-the-oven bread at Crumb Brothers Artisan Bakery in Logan, Utah

Fresh-from-the-oven bread at Crumb Brothers Artisan Bread & Cafe in Logan, Utah

How do you build the perfect breakfast sandwich? You start, as you must, with fabulous, fresh-baked bread.

Obviously, *Crumb Brothers Artisan Bread & Cafe, in Logan, Utah, has this covered with an ethereal, slightly chewy ciabatta bun. But then chef Robert kicks things up a notch with two airy, pan-fried local eggs and some good bacon. For a creamy touch, he adds avocado slices, melted provolone cheese and a swipe of lemon aioli. The final, artistic note is a stacked swirl of thinly sliced apple on the side.

Breakfast sandwiches don't get any better than this

Breakfast sandwiches don’t get any better than this

It’s simple, and simply the best breakfast sandwich I’ve perhaps ever eaten, on bended knee, and for a token $6.50. (It’s a perfect comeuppance to people who suggest you have to spend a small fortune to experience the divine).

Indeed, it’s more souffle than sandwich, something to make you consider giving up the same-old egg-and-bacon breakfast forever. The only thing missing is a better name than Ciabatta Fried Egg Bun.

Of course, Crumb Brothers has a lot more to offer, including all-day sandwiches (try the artichoke tapenade with fresh mozza) and a savoury bread pudding. Most important is a baker’s dozen roster of rotating breads, highlighted by the five-seed Decker loaf, named after the California breadmaker who taught bakery founder and co-owner Bill Oblock many of his yeasty tricks.

The daily bread and food menu

The daily bread and food menu

Crumb Brothers has a nice indoor cafe, with a lovely jazzy playlist chosen by a local musician. But the patio is where you want to be on a sunny day, surrounded by a fantastic garden of drought-tolerant plants. You may never want to leave.

Crumb Brothers' fabulous garden patio

Crumb Brothers’ fabulous garden patio

Crumb Brothers Artisan Bread & Cafe
291 South 300 West, Logan, Utah
Weekdays 7 am-3 pm, Saturday 8 am-3 pm. Closed Sunday
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