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KoMex is Fusion Gone Wild in Las Vegas

At KoMex Express, the fries adopt the flags of several nationalities

At KoMex Express, the fries adopt the flags of several nationalities

As the name suggests, KoMex Fusion is all about mixing ethnic cuisines. Obviously, there’s a Korean component—witness kimchi and bulgogi—and Mexican standards like enchiladas and burritos, along with some cross-breeding of the two at this little strip-mall diner in Las Vegas. Chimichanga with marinated cabbage anyone?

But at KoMex, the boundaries have been further expanded to embrace Chinese (wonton soup) and American cuisine. All this comes together in my Bulgogi fries—with melted mozza, meat, pico de gallo, jalapenos and Korean hot sauce all soaking into a mound of fries. It’s a surprisingly good, filling amalgamation. The substantial order is only $6 and, along with complementary chips, salsa and guacamole, is a substantial lunch.

The owners are in the throes of expanding their boundaries beyond Vegas. Here’s hoping they don’t lose that grunge attitude of experimentation at their flagship shop.

KoMex Fusion
633 North Decatur Boulevard (one other Las Vegas location)
Monday to Saturday 11 am-8 pm. Closed Sunday
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Bachi Burger in Vegas Puts Asian Twist on American Classic


Bachi Burger's glorious wagyu patty, loaded with onion rings and an egg

Bachi Burger’s glorious wagyu patty, loaded with onion rings and an egg

When I see oxtail chili fries on the menu, I know I’m in for a decidedly different dining experience. And Bachi Burger certainly delivers, bringing an Asian twist to American classics like burgers, fries (there’s also a truffle version) and sliders—here converted to a steamed bun containing, say, Peking-style duck. The list of cocktails and beers also includes drinks like black milk tea and cherry yuzu soda.

My miyagi-sans burger features a wagyu patty that is rich, moist and just past the advertised medium pink. The crispy onion rings and thick pieces of caramelized bacon provide some crunch to offset the fried egg and splash of chili mayo.

The poor Taiwanese-style sweet bun takes a bit of a mauling, and I eventually resort to knife and fork to savour small bites. This is one great, complex burger, and I’m glad there’s no cheese, lettuce or other paraphernalia to distract me.

Bachi Burger
470 East Windmill Lane (two other Las Vegas locations)
Sunday-Monday 11 am-11 pm, Tuesday to Thursday 11 am-midnight, Friday-Saturday 11 am-1 am
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Great, Healthy Fare at the Bronze Cafe in Las Vegas’s LGBTQ Center

Eight Pass Route 303

Ready for something healthy and unexpected in Sin City? Just head to the scruffy fringes of downtown Las Vegas and, yes, the gleaming new LGBTQ Center, with a lovely front garden patio. That’s where you’ll find the Bronze Cafe, where Carmen greets me with a thousand-watt smile.

Beautiful front garden at the Center

Beautiful front garden at the Center

As I’m perusing the breakfast options, she asks if I’d like a sample dixy cup of soaked-overnight Swedish oatmeal, served cold with fruit and agave nectar. Yum. As I’m polishing this off, she hands me a taster of an Ethiopian teff cereal (interesting!) and a swallow of ice-brewed coffee. At this rate, I won’t have to order anything.

Finally, I  succumb to a half Tree of Life, a pita flatbread containing a cornucopia of roasted peppers, avocado, house-made pickled onions, cashew crema, Brazil nut crumble and a mango-ginger vinaigrette. It’s a delightfully different wrap and vegan to boot, like much of Bronze’s scratch-made menu. But fear not, carnivores, there’s a much-lauded maple-glazed bacon sandwich, slathered in bacon jam.

Tree of Life goodness with a healthy side salad

Tree of Life goodness with a healthy side salad

As I’m leaving, another server gives me a sample of a refreshing watermelon-chia drink. Oh, and it’s a hot day, so here’s some ice water for the road.

The LGBTQ (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender, Queer/Questioning) Center supports a lot of neighbourhood social projects and offers meal discounts to area residents. And apparently free samples to road-tripping bloggers.

Bronze Cafe
401 South Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas
Weekdays 7 am-10 pm, weekends 10 am-8 pm
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A Small Bet on a Fantastic Vegas Sandwich

Josh ... is putting high-end ingredients into most affordable sandwiches at The Goodwich, in Las Vegas

Josh Clark is putting high-end ingredients into most affordable sandwiches at The Goodwich, in Las Vegas

You may think you’ve eaten a great BLT or two in your time. But you obviously haven’t met Josh Clark, co-owner of *The Goodwich. From an 8-by-12-foot cart in colourful downtown Las Vegas (i.e. not The Strip), he dispenses a BLT&G (the “g” is for cheddar grits) that’s the best bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich I’ve ever sunk my teeth into.

The primary reason is Josh’s obsession with his bacon. It starts with a slab of pork belly that’s brined and slow-roasted/smoked and then sliced and crisped at the last minute on the blacktop. Oh, and all the drippings from the bacon makin’ are added to the sandwich for an extra hit of bliss. The remaining ingredients are equally well thought out, including fresh, flavour-filled tomatoes and grilled bread from local Bon Breads.

You won't find a better BLT than this one

You won’t find a better BLT than this one and certainly not for $7

A relaxed, friendly guy who greets his customers at the front of his cart, Josh has years of experience as a chef in some high-end Vegas restaurants. The premise behind the new sandwich shop (with co-owner Jake Leslie) is this: You should be able to take everything in, say, a high-falutin, high-priced meal, slap it between two pieces of bread and charge the change in a customer’s pocket. What a concept!

Thus you can get a “simple” heirloom tomato, aioli and smoked salt sammy for a ridiculous $3 and work all the way up to $9 for a pork butt and belly combo. Even a lowly egg salad ($5) is transformed into something fabulous by the addition of pickled onion, chorizo and chip bits. It’s all about ingenuity, exacting standards over the smallest details and execution.

“The idea,” says Josh, “is to exceed expectations.” Mission accomplished.

The colourful Las Vegas downtown area is home to Goodwich and Viva Las Arepas

The colourful Las Vegas downtown area is home to Goodwich and Viva Las Arepas

Note: Goodwich is in space owned by Viva Las Arepas, a block away and one of my top overall road-trip food picks of 2013. Owner Felix Arellano is hoping to soon expand that fabulous eatery to another Las Vegas location or two.

The Goodwich
1516 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Suite A, Las Vegas
Tuesday to Sunday 11 am-10 pm, except 4 pm closing Sunday. Closed Monday
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